Unanswered questions.

As of now, the universe has a lot of unanswered questions, especially, when it comes to how 2020 has turned out thus far.

Here’s my list:

  1. Who killed jefferey Edward Epstein? ( this should come to no surprise to anyone. Especially, you ‘me-too’ shock jockeys. It’s been awful quiet from your neck of the woods.)
  2. The state of California, and few other guilty left winged ding-bats, released sex offenders, people convicted of domestic violence, and oh—-rapist from jail due to Covid-19. (Hashtag 6ix9ine). Yet, Bill Cosby can’t catch a break. Yeah, I know, I know, he was a little rapy in his younger years; but come on, your letting pedophiles out early because of a virus and an 80 year old man who probably doesn’t have too many hot-girl summer left.(no pun intended). To sit and weather the plandemic without , at least, family support. Must be a black guy thing.
  3. coronavirus. Is it real? Is the flu/pneumonia? And why has it , magically, cured every other disease known to man that people could die from, for the past 80 years. All of sudden an non factor.
  4. who fact-checking the fact-checker.
  5. mask. To wear or not to wear. That is plight of fake science and mass payout of the health care system.

To be continued……..


Sorry for the inconvenience, I haven’t been posting for a nearly a year; if not longer.

I promise to never go that long with a peep from me ever again.

Never Forget…

A pile of freshly raked leaves during the fall, are the mass graves of children for those poor parent-trees; in mourning.

Never forget…

The original purpose for the creation of cereal was to cure masturbation.


Vaping is the new whine-coolers, for smokers. You’re still a smoker and you’ll still get lung cancer; all because you wanted to inhale kellogg–flavored smoke there, buddy.


Gambler’s anonymous is just for gamblers on a cold streak.

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