Making my list and signing over my rights.

Telling people to vote, while ignorant of both the electoral college and what the legal aspect of doing is the reason why the practice is comedic, outdated, and is parallel to writing a wish to Santa Claus.

Side bar: I’m still waiting for my 96′ deluxe Power Ranger Dragonzord with Flute-dagger and interchangeable green ranger helmet. I save a white girl from drowning, pay up Mr. Claus.

Wanted notice

How come people that drive the garbage trucks are never present for job fairs? Don’t these people know they’re essential workers–pull up Fam. We have time before the robots come.

Give me your tired, your poor…and your tacos.

When I hear politicians complain about immigration; I always wonder…what do they eat for ‘Taco Tuesday’.

My pistol is my rape whistle…don’t touch me.

You can’t cry over spilled milk, but apparently, you can cry over being shot by an AR-15 while chasing a 17 year old virgin–carrying a glock. Make senses, liberal media.

Justice for Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse

WAP (women and pole-dreams)

Mothers who breastfeed in public, are the ugly girls that failed their stripper interview.

As above…but no comment on below.

If the LGBTQXY was to make their cult a little more sophisticated , and rely less on junk science coupled with their hatred of the First Amendment; under the umbrella of marxist ideology.

I, for one, would agree, we wouldn’t mind sharing a cafe latte with the gender-fluid yoga instructor that identifies as chipmunk.

Jesus of Never-Never land

Jesus isn’t real, he’s a metaphor for consciousness, personal development, spiritual enlightenment—whatever floats your boat.

Okay, that pasty-skinned lumber department associate at Home Depot is not the messiah–He’s your imaginary friend. Deal with it!

Look Fauci, I’m a Virologist…

You know, when this all over, and by this I mean by: Covid1984. I feel everyone should be able to write ‘Investigative Jounalist/Scientific researcher’, under ‘last job worked’ on their resume. Because, according to Instagram threads, everyone does their own research.

Some much for Altruism

In the midst of the ,supposedly, global pandemic, fresh air, sunlight, clean water; exercise and proper diet should be a top priority. And, both, intensely and ethically push to the public by our trusted and reliable health experts and epidemiologist.

On a later note, fast food, alcohol and porn viewership is up by 80%, as August 25th. Mazel tov!

Kill your babies

What happen to the killer hornets? Did someone from the writer’s room edit them out.

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