We are special. Not true. Every person, whether alive or yet to be born, are not automatically considered special.

High Schools, universities, daycare, even private schools spend an enormous amount of effort repairing the fragile ego of parents. Parents, whom, long since squandered the privilege of living free and dying young. Well….maybe not a physical death. Rather a death of the soul and because dear old mommy and daddy are slowly rotting away: eardrum to eardrum.  You would think that would translate into biting the bullet and give children some freedom of expression. Hardly.

Kids are told were to sit, when to talk, and how to think.

Children are treated like hired hands than the future leaders of tomorrow.  With the promise of ” you can be anything you want to be” speech, echoing in some middle school auditorium. It’s no wonder the majority of the population has such a bias disposition of the 1%. The “us versus them” slogan of the new age–placing more value on memorisation, over actual learning.

You throw that in with the self-esteem movement and you’ve established a build -a-bear workshop for the emotional disturbed, clinically depressed, economically frustrated youth of america. Because the money in not in having six billion masters free from the twelve years of brainwashing , heaven forbid, we allow that many entrepreneurs to fly their private jets–to initiate he second, third, fourth capitalistic venture. To fly to Washington, Vancouver, Beijing for yet another Ted Talk on personal development.  So what is left? Where do the emotional depraved youth of america turn when pursuing a passion is no the Twitter feed? Occupation included:

  • , Get-rich quick scheme
  • spending money on red pill product (one answer solution)
  • work jobs/careers that they hate
  • Decide to Rap as an easy way out
  • become  a professional athlete.
  • Slave away years working at dead end job
  • get accepted and graduate from a big name college. along with a quarter of a million in debt.

Carrot or the Stick.

The adolescent fear of rejection and being considered an outcast prevents us from asking the big questions and choosing a lifestyle of our picking. We all have this dream, seeing ourselves as the life of the party, with  our friends happy to see us and inviting over to different hangout spots–Friday nights. But the dream never comes, and each passing year our interactions with others become more like horrific bloopers then highlights. What to do? Another four years of school, Six , if your interest lies in the health care profession. nine plus, if pleasing mommy and daddy matter more then enjoying the best years of your life.

Instead, kids primary ambitions reflect those of  parents or worse: peers. Can you blame them? Career Day and monthly visits from the overweight pedophile known as the representative of D.A.R.E children have very few lifelines for excellence. By the time most people make it to college, the brainwashing has sunk in.  Spoon-feed promises of summer resorts in Cape Cod and one day they’ll be invited to race ATVs’ in full camo-gear while guys from” Duck Dynasty” run consumer test for new paintball gun. Spoiler alert, your the target.

With this educational slight of hand taking place; The years of sitting in an old auditorium–feeding children the same self-entitlement propaganda, thus if any real obstacles should happen to rear its ugly head: morale goes to shit.

Because with any problem solving skills, the youth build a desperate attachment to technology. Seems convenient, until the vacuum that plays “ O all ye faithful” pulls a hamstring and needs some repair. Now I’m sure it is not considered macho to know how to fix a vacuum cleaner, rather the emphasis pertaining to resiliency.  And without, people become procrastinators instead of innovators. A let the negative self-fulfilling prophecies roll in. “My ideas suck”. “You’ll never make a living. And what happens if you end up homeless chasing this dream of your?” To name just few destructive thought patterns. Hence my own self-loathing.

The living died.

You wake up one day and realize all the empty promises the school administration tackled you with didn’t result in you finding your golden ticket. After all the bullshit assembles, the career day events, and brochure on trades school, which in hindsight, is a better choice. Not as many people, no fraternity/sorority, and you’ll have to host your own parties but the big up side is no six figure debt and nonrefundable textbooks.

Twenty years have come and gone, while in-crowd still refers to you as the new young. The goal of making Forbes 30 under 30 gets added to the laundry list of conversation starters, in order to deflect from the fact that your a walking cliche’.

You’ve managed to whore yourself off to some whats-its-face’s company, while making your six figures the old fashion way–the stupid way. The big questions never got answered. Didn’t get an email, nor a shoutout, not even a twitter follow. In fact, its not even on your bucket list. So what do you do? you spend money on things and places for all the wrong reasons.

It takes dating someone half your age for you to realize: your the fat bald guy, who drives a Ferrari. Stuck in a man-made prison that you created–you had a opportunity to create art–something beautiful. Instead, everything was sacrificed for the sake of conformity and luxury appliances that lose their value once it’s out the store.

Time for money doesn’t equal happiness.

Loving what you do and who you really does.