This following is in no way an thinly vale attempt, to get in good with women. More like a  observation on the male species as a whole, and more importantly why we are so fucked up. And the fairer sex knows what’s good for them; they’ll offer more support to Elon Musk’s ambitions on Mars—pack all the eyeliner, the lip-gloss, the anti-aging face cream, and all the nail polish remover they can find before embarking on a one way expedition to the new space colony. But nothing short of physical and verbal abuse, clinical depression; and hormonal and emotional roller coaster up the wahzoo. And that’s just the day to day continuous labyrinth to put it mildly: womanhood.

So, this will be an exercise to pop the hood and give women, along with other men a peek inside the spectrum of masculinity  in which I will piggyback off the observation by stand up comedy George Carlin: “The Male Disease”.

We are all diseased. All of us. Men especially suffer from a massive epidemic; it spreads and contaminates a new generation, every forty-five seconds. “ The Male Disease” by George Carlin.

 Leaders of the pack.

You don’t have to be a historian to know we were traditionally the hunter/gatherers of the tribe, unless you were born of nobility, held extraordinary status, or had a special talent and skill that place higher on the hierarchy of the tribe. It is in the small, tightknit community; man encountered the first of many variables that will lead to the undeniable slippery of self -destruction: other men. That’s right, the father figure, the teacher, the church pastor; the boss at your job, the CEO, the retiree; the store clerk with thirty-years of experience, the secretary of defense, even the president of the United of States. Our need to fit in and to be cherished outweighs the want for independence, thus we doom any hope of true transparency and begin acting like other men.  They are all men. They all have authority over men(women as well). And they have a single common denominator: they are full of shit (liars). There’s a part of the brain position behind the pre-frontal cortex called the Rostral Cingulate Zone or (RCZ). RCZ in a nutshell governs over social acceptance, given that RCZ is so close to the pre-frontal cortex; what you end it with is a predisposition to respect or in most comply with authority. Which brings my attention to another troublesome funnel-cake of grey matter: Dorsal Premammillary Nucleus (DPN). The best analogy for DPN: Joe Pesci. That’s Joe from “Goodfellas”. Angry, aggressive, territorial, and especially over-sensitive to criticism. In hindsight, this is just rudimentary biology of the male mind, however since the functionality of these inner workings are hardly ever black and white; you get a corner piece to the building block of masculinity. A bunch of guys jocking for supremacy and once the leader is established; everyone else falls in line, and to make matters worse, they defend the status of their leader, the tribe and themselves through rationalization and fear of being casted out. With this in mind, you can imagine the holla-hoops; young boys have to jump through to give a chance to be in the same utterance of the role models they aspire to emulate. We are attracted to powerful men, only in a platonic sense. Because it is not the man itself we desire: it’s the magic. The magic, he creates with every interaction. The magic, he generates with every woman; he encounters just before she falls head over heels for him. The magic that occurs when the world appears all but hell bent on destroying all he has created only for him to regain everything that was taken times two. Men want that. We adore great men, yet we are threaten by other men at the same time.

The Male Sub-Cultures and Icarus.

Sub-cultures are a man’s young adolescent clubhouse occupying space in Big Mom’s oak tree, the no girls allowed sign nailed to the front face board of the window. They are suppose to provide a place of male bonding, interacting with boys/teenagers their own age and ironically, learn useful skills and social intelligence. However, what ends up happen other then the previously discussed pecking order cock fight(pun intended), because the need to control is so woven into our DNA; after the smoke clears, whomever is the established head honcho: everyone falls in line and the squeaky wheel gets replaced. Different means death in the male subculture. The following are Sub-cultures in which every man is at a member of:

  • The machine and automotive
  • The guns , hunting, and outdoors
  • The sports and competition
  • The police and military
  • The drug and alcohol
  • The exclusive society or club i.e. biker gangs

All of the sub-cultures share one common denominator, one fear, other than not fitting in with the other guys: homophobia.


         Misogyny and the pressure cooker.

“Big boys don’t cry. Young man only girls show their emotion. What will the other guys say? Don’t you want to play with the rest the boys? Are you sure you are not the one with the pussy? Who cares if she has a boyfriend, anyway what does that have to do with you and your dick? She’s just some girl, it not that important.” I’ve have heard phrase like these my whole life. They changed over the span of time; our culture has underwent significant metamorphosis within the last fifteen years. Especially in the realm of dating.

Male intimacy. Just putting the two words together is practically an oxymoron; If you’ve been following so far, then you realize the male architype is one of obedience, woe, shame, and conformity. Which is why artist like: musicians, painters, sculptors; photographers even fashion designers are revered so much by the opposite sex, not the excluded the men that cheer them on from the background. Because we are not made for this; the extent of displaying real emotion—short of a bar-room brawl or an arm wrestling match would be that of a handshake. Or maybe a chest-bump among Broskis’.

So now, here’s the fun section: women. What does all this failed male chromosome mean for women? Basically, If you enjoying interacting with an egocentric, narcissist, with a deep fear and hatred of women, correspondingly a childlike fanatic of male authority. Not the mention, the pathological obsession for pussy. We are all dying a slow death—communication skills are shot; our need to in control, head of the house hold, our need to be more important than women… is killing us. I can’t stress anymore…”Our need to be more important then women is killing us.” Ladies, that means you get the opportunity to nuture and develop an overgrown man-child with controlling and anger issues, all the while he is trying to turn you into his mother. Sounds fun doesn’t it. All things considered, this nothing compared your on-going battle with men in the workforce and societies pressure on beauty.

   Truth about Lesbian Eugenics.

The jig is up. Women are tired of being our emotional and physical punching bag, and they are phasing us out…with other women. Think about how hard it is to be a woman; you have to work harder than their male counter part; you look a certain all the time; you have the terrible task of weeding out the particular brand of men that approach you. You can’t have recreational sex with being in a relationship; your not allowed to explore yourself, without shame. Not to mention, the ongoing feudal war with cosmetics and skin-care products. I can skip over analyzing the worrisome topic, right? Despite all the current elements against women, lesbian, bull-dykes, studs, however they self-identify: overcome social norms and lead longer standing relationships compared, on average with men.

Sperm banks, surrogacy, and good old fashion adoption are not only options for parenthood for couples that can’t conceive. But also, as agents of accommodation. Women are biologically designed to be nurturing, caring  and raise families. They don’t need us, anymore. They’ve cracked the code. With social media on the rise, dating website reduces human to human interaction to just algorithms on the computer screen; generally speaking, men are unable to cope with age-old truth: women are the source of life. And when it comes to reproduction: women do all the work. Men are the part time mechanic, who only job is to hold the funnel and pour the gasoline in. Maybe, that’s what wrong with us on a sub-conscious level, as a result we measure one another by size of our guns; the size of our wallets; the size of our cars; and the size of our dicks.

In summary, the old hierarchy of male dominance needs to die. If you don’t believe me as of today, more men have searched how to make my penis bigger than how to tune a guitar, make eggs benedict, and changing a tire. The Male Disease: we are full of  shit.