Struggle  Bus Mondaysstruggle bus


Hey everyone, today is “Struggle Bus Monday. And today, I’m showcasing my struggle of the week, with one of my favorite games: Dishonored 2. Though, I purchased the trilogy combo pack because it’s cheaper; I still would have doubled-down and bought the  single copy had the collector’s edition not been available.

Set in the city of Dunwall and Karnace, After being rescued following the assassination of her mother, Emily Kaldwin reclaims her rightful place as heir to the throne; only after the strategic planning by the royal protector, Corvo. Aiding with the help of the rebellion, Corvo was able reestablish order throughout the kingdom, after the defeat of the current Lord Regent: Hiram Burrows.

What I truly love and adore about the Dishonored franchise is, not only, the open world, rather it’s the lateral gameplay. Giving players the freedom to pick whichever approach works for them–choosing from an endless supply of options at your disposal, through the channels of free-roam gameplay. Whether or not you kill the antagonist’s loyal henchmen is strictly up to you. But where’s the fun in that.

The power you obtain from the interdimensional being called The Outsider, enhances gameplay so much; hence, my angst. Stringing together combos of transmorphic-telekinetic powers from the nether-realm, corresponding with with revolutionary army dress code/ weaponry with a retractable sword and a cross bow.

Below, are videos demonstrating a highlight of death from the youtuber “Stealthgamerbr”, by all means, if you love the game, watching this guy play may cause death by haterade posioning.