struggle bus

All aboard the struggle everybody. Today’s entry on Struggle Bus Monday will have to go under the “guilty pleasure” checkbox of my gamer bucket list. Simply because, it is game that has an ideal concept, especially, if the game is based on a movie and the hysteria surrounding the movie prompts you to obsessively check the releases date on said game; as if your waiting for the hot blonde to text back, after getting her number, only four hours ago. For example: Predator concrete jungle. Garbage.

Today’s game is: Friday the 13th the game. I know what your thinking–on paper: the concept behind this genius, and in truth, it is a decent game: minus the character flaws.

It’s like the Blair Witch of the gaming industry: so much hype for a big let down. Clunky game play, terrible server connection; the A.I. for the counselors is none existent, I mean, you’ll see them hopping in and out of the same window. (clearly within sight of Jason).  The developer put a lot of thought in the environment and it shows, however, it still don’t make up for some failings in this game. The big thing is the multiplayer, where you can stalk and reenact classic  kill scenes, to perfect from across the globe–if you can get server to work.

Check out the video below…these guys are dope.