struggle bus

Hey everyone, today’s struggle bus is brought by Red Dead Redemption 2; if you still have not bought yourself a copy–you are severely missing out. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece: the look and feel of the game are absolutely breathtaking.

Rockstar remained true the classic and kept the favorably features such as: Dead eye, the weapons/inventory wheel, and about a billion side quest.

However, Red Dead has added a few additions to the, otherwise, stellar game-play. For one, you hold down the middle button of the controller to experience a cinematic view to the gameplay–adding a little spaghetti western to the game.

Missions outside the main story, you can accept or deny them as they are presented to you.  And I don’t mean, as galloping along a vacant-dirty road and you decide to just stroll-on past the farm-boy being torn to strides by a pack of wolves. Rather, if you are stopped while on your way to mission, because one of your fellow members is about to be lynched for robbing stagecoaches and finger-banging the sheriff’s pregnant daughter; you can say ” fuck you” and go rabbit hunting.

Another thing is: you have to monitor your health and stamina–your horse as well.(it drains over time)

In addition to the inventory wheel, a satchel is also necessary and you are also allowed store weapons on the horse saddle. Ultimately, you can carry as many or as little you desire.

The graphics are extraordinary. Red Dead even allows you t change the main character’s hair style as well as…the beard. From Wyatt Earp to Clint Eastwood; only a button mash away.

Those of you that own the game then you understand Red Dead Redemption 2 is worth the 8 year wait.

If you don’t…click here and yourself a copy.

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