George Carlin’s “Braindroppings” is leaps and bounds away from being the satirical  rants of a willful pessimist. Like most comics, Carlin’s material revolves around the ability to, sort-of, decode common human interactions–and the contradictions and irritations surrounding such.

        George utilizes his love for the English language, along with radio and stand-up experiences Carlin paints a very vivid image, inside the world of politics and marketers/advertisers; manipulating the language–enticing the masses(consumers) to buy and play “follow the leader” for the first silver-tongued politician they find most appealing.

     Practically, you will thoroughly enjoy his section on euphemisms, followed by the politically correct plague–twisting and shading the truth, thus reflecting society’s perspective on reality.

         This book, like his other works, are real eye-openers and if you are like, Carlin’s writings resembles the little voice in our heads, that we sometimes ignore when confronted with the nuances of everyday living.

        Braindroppings is as such: our mind’s resistance against social norms; the bullshit of widely-accepted popular usage.

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