George Carlin’s Braindroppings

      George Carlin’s “Braindroppings” is leaps and bounds away from being the satirical  rants of a willful pessimist. Like most comics, Carlin’s material revolves around the ability to, sort-of, decode common human interactions–and the contradictions and irritations surrounding such.

        George utilizes his love for the English language, along with radio and stand-up experiences Carlin paints a very vivid image, inside the world of politics and marketers/advertisers; manipulating the language–enticing the masses(consumers) to buy and play “follow the leader” for the first silver-tongued politician they find most appealing.

     Practically, you will thoroughly enjoy his section on euphemisms, followed by the politically correct plague–twisting and shading the truth, thus reflecting society’s perspective on reality.

         This book, like his other works, are real eye-openers and if you are like, Carlin’s writings resembles the little voice in our heads, that we sometimes ignore when confronted with the nuances of everyday living.

        Braindroppings is as such: our mind’s resistance against social norms; the bullshit of widely-accepted popular usage.

        Here, don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself, click the link


Book Reviews: Linchpin by Seth Godin.


  Indispensable vs. disposable…Which are you?

First, let me start out by recognizing the Clarity and the insight of the writer. It couldn’t have been easy, not only, creating a platform for others can benefit, but by carefully shedding the light on the uniqueness of every individual and unlocking our true potential in form of challenging the status quo, taking risk and doing the work that matters. Not to mention, stressing the underlining truth behind the education system— in which, the law of the mechanical Turk depends solely on its indoctrination principles and thrives from the system’s ability create loyal and obedient workers.  While preaching to beware of falling into the trap, of being seduced by mediocrity, of want to fit in. With that in mind, the most important messages by far are “are you indispensable?”, “are waiting around for someone to give you instructions?”, “are you making art?” “what if this doesn’t work?”. If you learn nothing from this book, take these sticking points into consideration, especially when it comes to your own personal development.

        Key sticking points:

  • Give gifts– In a world of dollar signs, decimals and commas, the man whom adds value before discussing his worth in gold, possesses extraordinary qualities which are counter-intuitive to the current mythology of the status quo. People rarely appreciate things that are free, or of which come easy and are treated as such. (perceived lower value). But in spite, of this ethical paradox, gifts serve as an excellence mode for emotional labor. Giving gifts humanizes us, displays vulnerability, and, hears the clincher: builds trust. Trust is far more vital to business, then effectiveness marketing slogans, direct emailing, and newsletters could ever be. When people trust you; they share your ideas, your videos; they debate your philosophies and hang on your every word.
  • Emotional labor-Too many times, particularity when it comes to job requirements and attendance base compensation, we are limited or rather we limit to certain standardized roles in the workplace—creativity and independent thought are replaced with conformity and complacency, leave hardly any wiggle room for change. emotional labor becomes key component and highly sot after skill in the workforce. Doing what others won’t do, doing what their coworkers consider to be “not my job”, looking for and finding ways to innovate and most importantly, not waiting for instructions from anyone. As the average paves the way of being indispensable.
  • Create art– You owe it to yourself to create art. Factory jobs, though abundant now, are progressively unprofitable, economically. So, we must find new ways to craft a lifestyle, outside of the typical job. Weaving together knowledge and accumulated skills, in order, to truly draw upon available resources and live the new American dream. Because soon, technology will eventually replace the average worker whom, are only required to just show up and use minimal labor alongside basic insight to the job.
  • There is no map– the map is not the terrain. You have-to find your own way and using someone else’s map maybe beneficial, however, in the long run, with just earn you a reputation of being just another carbon copy. Taking bits and pieces from others map is acceptable but creating a life that only you, specifically, and the experience, the knowledge, the willingness to learn and to adapt as fluid as breathing the air, can create that life.
  • Resistance– At one time, this evolutionary instinct was our greatest tool, to avoid being eaten in jungle. Now, millennia after millennia have come and gone only for our survival mechanisms to betray us. Resistance is the pushback. Resistance wants the easy way out: the safe and unfulfilling job, you, hours after clocking out still complain about how much you hate it. The book you’ve wanted to write but can never seem to find the time to put pen to paper. The business venture that has been in the making forever, now, but your too worry about the outcome to set it in motion. The Resistance doesn’t want you to feel pain or fear or discomfort. So, the fastest way to accomplice its objective: is to talk you out of it, by making you second guess yourself or give you just enough excuses, in which you actually-feel better by not starting, in the first place. Or worse, The Resistance makes you feel as though, your initiatives need certain requirements, in order, to start something truly remarkable.

In conclusive, I highly, highly, highly recommend this book. Seth Godin is a truly inspiring visionary; he offers real world solutions to generically bland society of closet thinks. The book, now, is cheap, and it offers so much more value, than I initially gave it credit for. I mean, if you really want to digest something that is thought provoking and goal inspiring. You need to pick yourself up a copy TODAY. I read it at least once, so I don’t forget why I blog and where I want it to take me. So ask yourself after you’ve read It. ARE YOU INDISPENSABLE? ARE YOU A LINCHPIN?click here .Get your copy today.

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